Social Media & SEO

What does your social presence say about your company? There are few opportunities online allowing you to promote your brand and connect with customers more effectively than social media. Our full-service social management capability allows you be to as involved or hands-off as you want to be to meet your social objectives.
We believe that taking the time to create a basic social strategy is crucial to drive measurable results. Knowing where you want to go with your social efforts is key to crafting content that converts. Are you looking to create awareness of your company? Are you looking to build your email list or drive traffic to your website? These are a few of the key questions we ask during your social kick-off meeting. When it comes to content creation and implementation, we’re happy to have you involved as much as you’d like to be – or not at all. We make it simple and easy.
So, when your customers are exploring your company, services or products ask yourself, “Are they experiencing my brand as I want them to be? Are we effective in telling our story?” We can help you answer with a resounding “YES”!

  • Social Media Platform Strategy
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Social Media Graphic Creation
  • Social Ad Creation & Management
  • Social Platform Metrics & Reporting
  • Comprehensive Social Media ManagementFacebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google +

SEO : Search Engine Optimization

A creatively designed, effective website is just the beginning of a profitable online presence. Now we need to be sure your prospects can find you.
SEO is an ever evolving, complex process that’s key to your online success. Part of our integrated approach if first we work to optimize your organic search before committing to paid search campaigns.

This involves the following:

  • Website native searchability
  • Secondary domains
  • Press, news and blogs
  • Geographical and industry indexes
  • Analyze and evaluate before paid campaigns

Quality Link Building

Today’s search engines value high-quality, useful content above all else when determining website rank. Once that’s established, another avenue to maximize rank is to share what you’ve created. Through strategic leveraging of social channels and relationships with influencers, you’ll earn the attention of search engines and be rewarded with premium ranking.


As part of your SEO strategy, you’ll have access to a customized, user-friendly metrics suite exclusive to ID International. Designed with easy to understand charts and graphs, it will provide you with data distilled down to valuable points, allowing you to make effective business decisions quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of the competition. Much easier than Google Analytics, it allows you to maximize your time and ROI. Organization will set you free!

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