As a branding agency, we believe in the power of design to advance the brand and forge an emotional connection with the customer at the moment of truth.

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Most of our clients want
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Design is the silent amabassador of your brand.

What does your logo say about you?

A fabulous website
meets all goals.

And returns its investments over and over.


As a branding agency, we believe in the power of design to advance the brand and forge an emotional connection with the customer at the moment of truth.

Yep, that’s a bold statement and one we hold dear. Experience has reinforced our belief that branding is only as effective as the design and message behind it. We take a holistic approach to branding, digging deep to unlock the core elements crucial to creating a look and feel that resonates with your target audience driving marketing results. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Good design with strategy that works. We get it, and we’re passionate about helping you be successful.



Marijuana and hemp brands are just beginning to take over retail markets worldwide, so the head-to-head competition for our marijuana clients is steep, with pressure increasing on a daily basis. As the evolution of marijuana consciousness continues worldwide, we develop brands that draw in customers while they don’t realize it’s happening. Weedmaps can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on your brand feel and strategy. We have the experience to help you make your move.


People judge the quality of our client’s marijuana products by the quality of their design and brand feel. A brief 10 minute walk around the Emerald Cup in Northern California will give anybody a good feel for the enormous scope of this burgeoning industry, how it relates to design, and for the outright potential for success for those who do it right. Innovative logos, marijuana packaging, edible and concentrate sub-brand design, there are many niches for design success as marijuana becomes legal throughout the world.


Websites for marijuana, websites for weed, websites for cannabis, websites for ganja, whatever the name, they support Weedmaps and promote other online efforts, setting brands apart from the competition. Customers will research online before they visit a shop or order a delivery, so it’s crucial to have the best website. Display a phat menu, have your own members, sport your own online store for goods, stickers and apparel, take credit card payments, we design and develop websites for marijuana that work.


When any brand is up and running, promotion is the only way to get the word out. Marijuana is still a cottage industry, so it is still very hands-on in terms of advertising and distributing. This makes social media like Facebook and search engine optimization (SEO)strategies online the best, most efficient options for getting the word out and generating sales. From family farms to retail deliveries, generating dispensary relationships to launching dispensaries, ID International can bring cannabis brand visions to life.

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We invite you to check out our most recent promo video above. Fun stuff.


We are proud to have received the Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) 2017 award for outstanding package design for Sierra Nevada Cheese Company! Review our blog to learn more.

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We have worked with ID International for 13 years on our logo, brand and design projects, and we recently hired them to do our website and..WOW! Our bounce rates went from the high 80% to around 4%, People are staying on average 2-3 minutes longer and visiting more pages. I can give ID a concept and they can run with it. Very satisfied with the ID team, and I highly recommend them over other businesses in town.


These guys are professionals! They helped Community Radio KZFR with our re-branding project and essentially handled everything. You could not ask for a better company to handle your logos, creative and marketing. We love them.

R.A, KZFR 90.1 FM

I have worked with ID International since 2003 for everything from brand consulting and creativity to websites. They are amazing to work with and truly talented at what they do. They afford me the confidence & trust that my brand reaches our target audience and they see and think about it in ways I never think about it! I have recommended ID since the beginning and I know you too will be amazed at their talent, professionalism and value.

C.H, JCMH Consulting

Tucked away in rural Butte County is a design firm that can hold its own with the “big city” guys–but does it with friendly, small town service. ID International provides the full range of design services you’d expect from top-notch firms, but it’s all available right here in Chico. You can count on ID International to take your business image and marketing from ho-hum to beyond spiffy. The pros at ID International work closely with you to give the best return on your design/marketing investment.

T.D., Cedar Creek Printmail

We initially made the mistake of thinking we could do our own advertising and web design. After pulling out what little hair I have left I called ID International. Mat Jacobs informed, educated, and developed a brand strategy for us that fits our company profile and branding needs. ID then took care of the design of our company logo, business cards, sales materials, a professional WordPress website, and more. I will forever be grateful for his expertise. ID international saved what little hair I have left.

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Weedmaps is an legal online community that enables users to review, discuss, advertise and purchase cannabis, cannabis concentrates, edibles, and more. Their database currently contains over 3000 dispensaries and over 950 strains of cannabis. So far in 2017, the site attracts nearly two million monthly visitors and currently has a monthly revenue of over $18 million dollars. Weedmaps partnered with NORML in 2011 to aid legalization efforts in the US, and since then, Weedmaps has been widely considered the industry leader and premier marijuana website on the Internet.

To succeed in Weedmaps, business owners need an edge, and that’s a stand-out brand, professional packaging, a responsive e-commerce website, and a simple online promotion strategy. This formula works well to support Weedmaps investments, and ID International makes it happen.

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