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Web Services today are highly-competitive industries, and surprisingly, our research has shown many companies that offer Web Services have their own agendas for sales and don't typically have the client's best interests at heart. This is frustrating for everyone because you can almost never tell when the proposal or estimate that you have received has been built for your benefit, or for theirs.

At ID, there is no doubt that our web services are tailored specifically for the success of our clients. We make every effort to reduce all investments while maximizing our client's effectiveness online. We offer what our clients need to succeed and grow: superior web service strategies along with superior customer service, all estimated clearly up front in ID's WebMap proposal.

Web Services List

ID offers a wide range of Web Services to choose from:

Banner Design
Browser Registration
Corporate Identity:
Content Writing and Organization
Design: Compliant Code
Domain Research and Acquisition
Domain Strategy
E-Commerce: All levels
Electronic Brochures
E-Zines & Catalogs
E-Mail Management
Evaluation Planning
Flash Animation
Graphic Evaluation Suite
HTML / CSS / Javascript
Hosting: simply the best

Industry Index listings
Interactive Media
Keyword Campaigns
Meta Tags Optimization
Positioning Strategies
Press Releases
POP3 - for hand-held devices
Reciprocal Link Programs
Responsive Development
Search Engine Optimization
Secure Online Transactions
Shopping Carts
WAP - for hand-held devices
Web Evaluation Strategies
Webmail: worldwide email access
Web Research


Domains and Superior Hosting

So many companies today offer domains and hosting services, but surprisingly, few of them offer them with the client's needs in mind, just their bottom line. At ID, we use domains as an integral method for native search engine optimization, and spend the time up-front to develop an effective domain strategy for our clients to save them investment and time.

Hosting services seem to be offered by everyone because there are so many up-sell relationships available for vendors with little to no education or experience. Correspondingly, there are so many of these marked-up, low-quality systems out there for cheap, people generally think that they're all the same when it couldn't be farther from the truth.

ID never recommends compromise when it comes to domains and hosting services. Liability and security are big issues online, and if aren't taken care of correctly, can cost the client much more than just their company closing.

Your website never goes offline with ID, and your domains are always highly visible and successfully searchable. Your e-commerce system is completely secure and protected, while all your customers will notice how fast and clean your site loads on their computer. ID offers organized domain strategies and simply the best hosting services available on the World Wide Web.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an industry in itself these days because there are so many poor website developers out there, many companies are seduced into large monthly fees to get their website to a higher position in the search engine listings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First, ID websites are highly "Natively Searchable", that is, built with modern code, professional page titling, effective MetaTAGS, among many other strategies. This right away minimizes the SEO investment needed to get you to the top of your search engine listings. Most SEO companies want you to pay monthly to have your website be get that top spot, but we don't think that's the place to begin. We want our clients to fill AT LEAST the top 50 spaces when their company is searched for, and we do this with ID's 3-Tier SEO System.

The goal of the system is to get your company information and keywords searchable from more than one location very affordably. In fact, we feel that even hundreds of locations for your company information online is just enough. Let your ID International Representative know you're interested, and we will provide you with all the information you require to make very informed decisions regarding your SEO strategy.


All ID Hosting comes with a very important and comprehensive Graphic Evaluation Suite. When an ID client implements any branding strategy, or has an event or a promotion, the success can be tracked very easily and precisely in an easy to use system of charts and graphs. You can just look back at a date something was done, the evaluation will tell you what actually happened.

In this way, Managers can decide whether to do something again or to change the strategy according to quantifiable results that are always at your fingertips. You can see where in the world they came from, how they found you and at what time, what browser they used, what pages they went to and how many hits they generated, among a wide array of other data, all graphically charted for ease.

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