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Web Design and Development is one term that encompasses every aspect of developing a successful presence on the World Wide Web. ID International is a company that you can completely trust to manage your Website Design, Development and Maintenance.

ID Web Packages

1. Business Web Page: One-Page Website

ID’s Basic Business Web Page is the best way to get the basic information about your company on the World Wide Web including:

2. Business Web Presence: Three-Page Website

ID’s Business Web Presence offers a Home Page with two excellent Support Pages to showcase your company on the World Wide Web including:

3. Custom Business Website

If these basic packages don’t meet your needs, request ID’s custom WebMap™ Proposal today! Contact Us today to schedule your free consultation.

Web Design & Development

Your company image online is one of your greatest corporate assets. Your website is typically how both companies and individuals judge your company these days, and ID client's always put their "best foot forward" online. With today's fast paced media and market evolutions, maintaining an up-to-date looking website that directly attracts your target audience while calling them to action effectively, will allow you to remain competitive, as well as to be able to function in business much more efficiently.

Our dedicated team of designers produce all types of websites to support our clients' needs. Starting with a clear vision and proceeding through design, development and posting is a very smooth process with ID's superior customer service and in-depth industry expertise. Seamlessly integrate your web brand with your print, and develop a system that will be highly effective and worthy of significant growth.

Native Searchability

All ID Websites are designed and developed to be better than the competition “natively”. In other words, while some companies assemble sites using templates and out-of-date coding techniques, ID International is leading the way by developing sites that are highly natively-searchable, reducing our client’s needs for Search Engine Optimization investment.

Utilizing our native development strategies, our clients’ websites show up much higher in the search engine listings automatically rather than having to pay the search engine company to bring the site up towards the same location.

ID WebMap™

In today’s competitive web design markets, ID International understands the importance of responsible web planning and accurate estimation with no surprises. For these reasons, we have developed our complementary WebMap Proposal process which puts the entire scope and estimate in the palm of your hand.

Our FREE ID WebMap Proposal consists of:

- The Project Goals
- Visual Design Objectives
- Complete Sitemap Chart
- Project Breakdown
- Comprehensive Estimate

This is an excellent opportunity for our clients to direct or assist in the visualization and planning of their printed media, saving both time and money. The single consultation and resulting information is organized, analyzed, and reported with recommendations and estimations into one Proposal. In this way, ID clients know all the details up front with no surprises down the road. The WebMap can be then modified to suit the client’s needs exactly before timelines commence.

ID WebMaps make it possible for our clients to launch big, effective brands, while easily consolidating large amounts of information for their customers or clients on the World Wide Web.

International Perspective

As ID International serves the European Union as well as the United States, we understand that every culture communicates differently. For superior effectiveness, we visit other countries and maintain archives of current international media so that our staff may stay up to date on how people communicate within various industries in different cultures.

It is this international perspective that we bring to all client and company brands to broaden the scope of what they think is possible with the design of the media for their products and services.


There are many options for E-Commerce today with essentially three main levels. First, basic instructions to send a check or money order to an address, second is a system to link PayPal and other related payment sites to your own, and third is to develop your own shopping cart and super-secure web-payment system.

Each strategy offers both advantages and disadvantages and are specifically effective for different types of commerce and online sales efforts. All ID E-Commerce sites are highly effective because both the commerce and development strategies are worked out up front, leaving no surprises in implementation. We work with our clients to develop the distribution networks and to assemble their optimal fulfillment options as well, so that all money issues work seamlessly with the rest of the company.


All ID Hosting comes with a very important and comprehensive Graphic Evaluation Suite. When an ID client implements any branding strategy, or has an event or a promotion, the success can be tracked very easily and precisely in an easy to use system of charts and graphs. You can just look back at a date something was done, the evaluation will tell you what actually happened.

In this way, Managers can decide whether to do something again or to change the strategy according to quantifiable results that are always at your fingertips. You can see where in the world they came from, how they found you and at what time, what browser they used, what pages they went to and how many hits they generated, among a wide array of other data, all graphically charted for ease.

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