Industry Definitions

2nd Generation Web Design

The most popular form of web design, turning front-back, reading top-down, with bullet lists and button bars. Effectively developed to be a menu-driven model, presenting a linear hierarchy of information.

3rd Generation Web Design

A new industry concept, 3rd generation sites use very unique and creative design methods in a metaphor driven web system. A customer enters to the middle of the system rather than to a front “home page”. The home page information by definition remains always in view along with the identity, removing the need for secondary navigation methods. This structuring can significantly increase the effectiveness of the intuitive self-paced delivery of information. ID International, LLC specializes in the pioneering of this web design and development technique.


Branding is the process by which your corporate identity is used and presented to the world. Your corporate brand image is essentially how your potential clients and customers personally feel about your company. There are product brands, corporate brands, service brands, sub-brands to define just a part of the company, and many other branding processes that are appropriate for most every type of corporate identity.

Brand Positioning

Positioning is one of the many processes necessary in creating a successful brand image. Positioning your brand in your market is the process of singling out your target market specifically with directed design and materials. This essentially creates a niche in your market as you fill it with your print and web.


The software that communicates with web servers to display the HTML content.

Collateral (print)

A company’s print collateral is the sum of its print materials. They are typically broken down into recognizable subgroups such as: sales collateral, direct mail collateral, display collateral etc.

Collateral (web)

A company’s web collateral is the sum of its web advertising materials, i.e. the advertising you have online to promote your web system. Similar to print collateral, these are typically broken down into subgroups such as: banner collateral, browser listing collateral etc.

Control Book

An identity control book lists and describes every detail of a company’s collateral systems, logo colors, sizes, and uses, designs and descriptions of the business system, systems for print and web collateral in order to keep a company’s brand image on track for the long-term.

Corporate Identity

Your identity is your graphic image, your logo, your colors, your slogans, and all things that graphically represent you and your company or organization to the world.

Distance Business

The process of working efficiently and effectively at distance using technology such as: instant messaging between clients and managers, temporary web spaces in which sites are built available for review anywhere in the world, sending files for proof and review electronically via e-mail, etc. Please feel free to visit our Distance Business Section for more information.

Domain name

The title of your web site that is registered for use on the Internet, you’re currently at


This umbrella word covers all the areas of dealing with currency on the internet including secure server connections, taking credit cards, building forms and financial data bases, and generally protecting corporate and client information.


The specialized randomizing of secure information for protection.


A firewall is a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server, that protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks. Basically, a firewall, working closely with a router program, filters all network packets to determine whether to forward them toward their destination. A firewall is often installed away from the rest of the network so that no incoming request can get directly at private network resources


Hosting is the client’s paid service to keep their web system online 24/7/365, and can include a wide variety of services such as: scheduled maintenance, custom security applications, evaluation through a variety of graphic reporting, etc.


The process of publishing a web site onto a public accessed network server.

Script or scripting

The process of using the program languages of the Internet to accomplish a wide variety of personal business, marketing, and evaluation goals and strategies.

Seamless Integration

ID International, LLC’s process of merging the ideas and images of the Corporate Identity and Brand System between the print and web environments, and these to each other. A triangle of seamless communication that insures consistency and maximizes the effectiveness of the information across the board.


A networking computer that provides the content of a web system through the domain name.

Web Acronyms

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