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In today's media saturated society, brands must adapt and communicate in more ways than ever to reach a fragmented and distracted audience. We help our clients to create, renew, and strengthen their brand power.

Branding Services

- Brand Strategy and Positioning
- Product, Corporate and Division Naming
- Slogans, Tag Lines, Campaign Headlines
- Evaluation Strategies and Reporting
- Competition and Comparable Research and Reporting

Branding is the process by which your corporate image is created and presented to the world. Your corporate brand is how your clients and customers view you, your products, and your services. For example, when you hear the brand name Rolls Royce, you know it is a quality automobile, even though you perhaps have never sat in one, because their brand image is one of quality and has you convinced of it through the processes of market surveys and reports, through naming, market positioning, target advertising and repetition, strategic pricing, and all the other details that portray a brand image of quality to the world.

ID International can assist your company with an infinite variety of highly effective branding solutions to suit any range of specific to broad personal and corporate goals, all provided with superior customer service.

Please continue on to the Graphic Design and Web Design sections to learn more how ID International can help you to consolidate your corporate identity and your brand image to maximize brand impact. To see some sample branding projects, please visit our Showcases.

International Perspective

As ID International serves the European Union as well as the United States, we understand that every culture communicates differently. For superior effectiveness, we visit other countries and maintain archives of current international media so that our staff may stay up to date on how people communicate within various industries in different cultures.

It is this international perspective that we bring to all client and company brands to broaden the scope of what they think is possible with the design of the media for their products and services.


All ID Hosting comes with a very important and comprehensive Graphic Evaluation Suite. When an ID client implements any branding strategy, or has an event or a promotion, the success can be tracked very easily and precisely in an easy to use system of charts and graphs. You can just look back at a date something was done, the evaluation will tell you what actually happened.

In this way, Managers can decide whether to do something again or to change the strategy according to quantifiable results that are always at your fingertips. You can see where in the world they came from, how they found you and at what time, what browser they used, what pages they went to and how many hits they generated, among a wide array of other data, all graphically charted for ease.

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